Your Future London – Have your say in London’s future

Below is a interactive platform that Centre for London has set up to look at London now and in the future. It looks at what London is like today under elements such as health, transport, economy, population, housing etc and then it also simulates how it might look in 2050 and has given users a chance to explore 5 different scenarios as part of the London Futures Review.condary and post 16 pupils with the world of work through a range of webinars, activities and resources. Our aim is to not only support young people to be introduced to the diverse array of opportunities offered across Greater London and beyond, but to fuel their imaginations, develop their skills and inspire their futures. The festival also helps schools to meet their Gatsby benchmarks. In this year’s festival, you can find skills and careers events with Natwest, PwC, Bloomberg, Evening Standard, Role Models and many others exploring careers in Tech, STEM, Writing, Art, Media, Business, Law, etc. Last year we had over 2,800 bookings for these events and this year we want to reach more young people!