• Children (age 10 - 17) who commit less serious offences (crimes) and are at low risk of offending again can be offered alternatives to being charged with criminal offences.
  • A child needs to admit committing a criminal offence, this is usually during the police interview.
  • Out of court disposals are:
  • Community resolution
  • Youth caution
  • Youth conditional caution

For more information see out of court disposals below

the out of court process

  • In Ealing we have a team of experience staff who work directly with any child referred by the police (or very occasionally the youth court) to decide whether an Out of Court Disposal is the right decision.
  • If you, or your child, are referred to the team we will arrange a meeting with you to talk about what happened and find out some more background information.
  • After this meeting we will meet with the police to decide whether an Out of Court Disposal is the right decision. We will then contact you to let you know the decision that has been made.
  • If the decision is an Out of Court Disposal then we will meet with you again to write up a plan to ensure you don't get into trouble again.
  • Most children who receive an Out of Court Disposal in Ealing successfully complete the actions on their plan and don't commit any more offences.
  • If you would like more information about Out of Court Disposals in Ealing please call the office number 0208 825 7524 and speak to one of the OOCD team or email
  • If you have received a letter asking you to come in for an OOCD assessment and you need more information, call the number on the letter.
The work you guys do is amazing and vital in crime prevention, you guys are young, modern & can relate/connect with young people in today's society. Since yourselves have been working with my son, I have definitely seen a positive change in this behaviour. I wanted to say a big thank you to you guys for working alongside me & my son and showing continuous professionalism. (I mean that) One of the thing's that really touched me, whilst working with yourselves, was you guys kept is real, despite my set of circumstances
Young Persons Mother