the post court team

  • The Post Court Team work with young people who are charged with an offence and have to attend court.
  • Our job is to write court reports that outline reasons why a young person has committed the offence so that the court can make an informed decision on sentencing.
  • We also supervise Community Orders as well as keeping in touch with young people who are remanded in custody or are sentenced to custody.

The courts decide which Order a young person will receive. It is our job to ensure that young people are engaging with the Order, and completing the interventions that are personalised for them. Some examples of interventions that young people will complete are:

  • Victim Empathy work
  • Understanding choices and their consequences
  • Exploring peer influences
  • Conflict resolution

The targets and interventions will be discussed between the young person and their parents/carers and a plan is then created for everyone to agree to work on. These are reviewed at regular intervals to ensure that the young person is on track to completing them successfully. We also encourage young people to engage in positive activities, and have partnerships with a range of Charities and Organisations in Ealing.