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Do you want to help young people in the Borough to keep themselves safer by understanding and getting involved with projects addressing risks faced by young people?

Would you like to become a Safeguarding Ambassador, receive top-notch training on different issues and improve your confidence and presentation skills?

Would you like the opportunity to talk to top decision makers in the Council, health services and police about how to better protect the young people in Ealing?

Do you want to try something new, gain new skills, work with other young people and be supported by trained youth workers to make Ealing a better place to live?

If you answered YES to any of the above then come and join YES Group!

(see what we did there...)

YES members receive training and support to co-produce their own projects based on relevant safeguarding topics which young people may face. As well as knowing you will make a difference, you can develop your own skills and confidence in areas such as public speaking, creating & planning workshops, peer on peer delivery as well exploring creative skills such as photography, film making, editing, music and more. We ensure that members receive full recognition and reward for their efforts.

Members of YES also have the opportunity of informing professionals and decision makers to ensure young people's needs are understood and services are there to offer the right kind of support and guidance.

YES Groups Recent Successes!

'Contagious Consent'

YES group continue to deliver their 'Contagious Consent' Workshops in schools and other youth groups within Ealing. The young people created a skit and then workshops based on the skit, where they could explore the topic of sexual consent as this is an issue they felt important to talk about.

'Contagious Consent' has been well received and YES group have delivered peer to peer workshops to 220 year 9 pupils in Villiers High School, as well as in EAP and various other youth groups in Ealing. Over 87% of females & 71% of males said they have a clearer understanding about the importance & meaning of 'consent', after taking part in the workshops.

If you would like to listen to 'Contagious Consent' please click on the splat below.

For info on how to go about booking delivery of 'CC' in your school or youth organisation, please use the contact details below.

Contextual Safeguarding Conference

Members of YES recently presented at the Contextual Safeguarding Conference and were clearly the highlight, showcasing their work and the importance of actively involving young people in addressing issues of safety. They presented the findings of some peer consultation on school’s exclusions.

For more info on their findings, please keep an eye on the splats below for the up-coming results.

'My Relationship with Nicky'

YES group entered a 'non-smoking' campaign working in partnership with Cut Films whilst exploring the topic Healthy Relationships, they created a piece of spoken word in one of our studios called 'My relationship with Nicky' which won the borough wide competition, the piece was then entered into a national competition... which YES Group also won! They accepted their awards and prizes at the finals in a swanky theatre in Central London! 


YES Group are currently working on the topic 'Peer on Peer Violence' focusing on knife crime. They are in the creative process currently storyboarding and coming up with the idea of an interactive workshop whch will encourage young people to think about choice and consequence, as well as exploring different stratergies which may help prevent finding themselves in difficult or dangerous situations.

If you are interested in making a difference to yours & other young people's lives and becoming part of YES Group... Detials of when & where are below;

Contact us if you would like to come along and check it out!

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